26 September 2009

ALLAH Is Enough For Me

I feel sadness again today...
coz here I am,meshing up the garden again..
I try to talk about YOU like a crazy woman in love again..
they don't understand...
if they do...they don't really like to hear

I feel so secure and save with YOU,
My heart is bleeding in misery of missing YOU
Every minutes I whisper Your Name in
every single breath I took...
I can't help it..
I can't hold my tongue from saying Your Greatness to me..
I feel bad when I takl about You and no one listen..
I feel so bad that those people will think that I am a hypocrite..
I am so afraid..if i've done something wrong to You..
I am so into You...and so few people can understand..

when they start to stop hearing me..
I go quite...and locked myself inside my little garden..
I better be alone to always whispering Your Name...
I like it better when I cry because of You..
I like it a lot when I wrote things about You..

Here I am, trying to be with You always...
Is there any word "TOO MUCH!" on loving You??
If there is..please forgive me..
for I don't want to make You mad..
If there is none,Please let me sink in this ocean of Loving You..
Is it wrong dear ALLAH if i love You too much??
Is it wrong??

I can't help it to feel this way...because I am so attached to You..
I need You more than the air I breath I can't smile if
I don't feel Your greatness in me

If someone in love with a man
They so proudly declare their love to the whole world!!!
They will so excited to speak their feeling out loud..
should I keep the urge inside my heart,
because the one I fall in love with is You???
if they could shout out loud about their love...
why couldn't I???
just because the one I fall for is You..

You have promise me Heaven..
and my Heaven is Only You!!!
You warn me with Hell..
and my Hell is Without You!!!

Dear ALLAH....
My life is my devotion to You...
My Heaven is You..
My Hell is without You..
am I being too much???

notakakiku:am i hypocrite??...try to be myself in my way..not others...