12 December 2009

::Never Ending FRIENDSHIP::

Like moon,sun and star
Every time and second
Share light among each of them
One cool night

Stars and moon were smiling at me
I was standing by the window
I stood there long thinking and crying
I do know why i cried

But I had this feeling in me
I knew it was caused by friends
At this moment I really miss them
For about five years we shared all about life
The sweet and the bad memories
Miss their smiles,laugh and cute faces
sometimes I feel they do not miss or love me
I realize that,it was just my feeling

I am still the same and hope the same to them
We will be bestfriends forever
As long as we trust each other

The strong feeling between us will remain
And it will be a happy ending
I hope we will be together

Thanks for being my lovely friends

notakakiku1:Special post tuk gadis2 ..geng maahadians a.k.a sep2 cuci...sorry tak hadir reunion ari nih,so k..mien pun takde duk mesir,aku duk germany..hehe(germany=gambang)...rindu n sayang kamu!!!!!!!!

notakakiku2:Happy belated birthday che..faez...hahaha...(asiff sbb lambat wish,tapi mu tetap ada dihati insan bernama aqilah ini..perrghh..jiwang kott)

notakakiku3:Poem tuhh bukan hasil sendiri..dahla poem,english lak tuhh...


unguviolet said...

huhu...tq,terharu sgt,
friendship 4ever..
ukhuwwah fillah abadan abada!
rindu semo....