28 August 2010

the grass is much greener on the other side

You push yourself too hard

And find yourself tired & crying

In the bathroom in the dead of the night

Though not yet in your hand

You're sure happiness is out there somewhere

Is it due to your years of impatience?

Living happily alone

Is one thing you don't regret, but

Like through a cloudy mirror

You can't see what tomorrow will bring

Can't u see? Can't u see?

Freedom & solitude are two of a set

Loneliness follows when you have it your own way

Don't u know? Don't u know?

The neighbour lawn always look greener

It's best to plant flower in your own garden

Count what u have now

Don't count what u don't have

Find that you have so much~

(be grateful)

notakakiku1:dipetik dari salah satu note diFB kak su..salah seorang dari kakak saya diiLuvislam.com

notakakiku2:owhh...sangat2 suka akan poem ini..