21 March 2013

Bloggers, we need your help!!

Hello & Good Day.

This entry firstly and officially published in English.This is because of this.

Please not laugh because I know eventhough i'm counting the days to finish my degree now I’m still not master in English.Sorry to all my teachers since primary & secondary school. I'm not the best student of yours.

Ohh…rambling so much again. I just want to up this entry because of this.

Yes..i’m not the famous blogger like Fatin Liyana, Cik Epal, Yuyu and so on.But till now I’m still blogging and my blog still alive because I’m love it. I’m blog because of self-satisfaction.

I up this entry again because I want to be the first person read the book. Excited?Yes...before it released to public, you'll be honoured to review and help them to change the world.

I want…I want..i want…

Because of books, I become crazy.
Everything about books, I fainted.
Something about books, I’m sick..hihihi.

I know the probability to me to be chosen is so low. But im trying.who's know right?

If I can't get, is okay. =)
If I get, I'm thankful. =)

Heee..but I promise..if I be chosen I want to write in Malay because I’m not confident in English.Therefore, it can help others person to know better in Malay's review.After this, I hope the book can be translated to another languanges and  published around the world..waaa…

Till then…. If the book is mine, it still mine, if not, I can buy it myself. #comfortmyself#

katahatiku1 : Jangan condem grammar and vocab aku.